Annie and Simon’s Story

Both Simon and I have had health issues in our 50’s , Simon has type 2 diabetes and arteriosclerosis and I have raised blood pressure.

We had been battling to get fitter and had tried many different forms of exercise and diet with not much effect. We both wanted to lose weight and become stronger.

We first met Jodie in October 2016 when attending one of her kettle bell classes which we enjoyed so we decided to have 10 joint coaching sessions with her. These went well so we continued to work with her for the next 20 months.

I personally did not have the confidence to work with weights or go to a gym as I found it intimidating, so working with Jodie on personal sessions really helped my confidence.

Because Jodie took things at my pace and introduced different exercises slowly I became more confident in my ability. 

 I became stronger and felt confident lifting weights, my mobility improved, and I found I could do everyday things a lot easier.

My weight decreased and my blood pressure stabilised, my doctor was pleased to see I was improving, also my cholesterol started to go down which was an added bonus.

I found Jodie very supportive especially when I felt I couldn’t do the exercise or I didn’t want to challenge myself, and because of that support and guidance I have achieved much more than I ever thought possible.

Simon on the other hand had trained when he was younger and was familiar with weight training, he however wanted to challenge himself all the time which in the past led to frustrating injuries and not being able to train. With Jodie’s support he became more aware of how to pace his improvement so that he wasn’t held back with injuries. He wanted to become stronger and lose weight which would then help stabilise his blood sugars and so control his type2 diabetes more efficiently. The benefit of his training meant his weight decreased and he felt stronger whilst increasing his muscle mass.

We both benefited mentally as well because we discovered how exercise can improve your outlook and give you a positive lift. We enjoy walking and are now able to complete challenging walks such as Pen y Fan and the Skirrid mountains that previously would have been above our fitness level.

We would like to thank Jodie for all her support and knowledge and for being a very important part of our fitness journey.  

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