Jodie Newell

Tony’s Story

After meeting Jodie at the Health & Me retreat weekend I decided to take Jodie up on her free coffee and consultation to discuss a nutrition plan and massage package.
I had been attending bootcamp sessions but needed an extra dimension to achieve my overall weight and fitness goal.
The plan was in two parts , a complete nutrition plan and an eight week sports massage course for my legs as they were my main weakness. 
After completing the sports massage my running has improved dramatically,  I feel better and more confident as a person and this is due to the nutritional program Jodie has put together for me.
I am now confident I am on my way to achieving my fitness goals and enjoying a better lifestyle. 
I  can’t stress enough the encouragement that Jodie exudes in everything she does and this passes to all her clients.  Thanks Jodie I owe you one!

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