Becky’s Story

“But why do you need to go to the gym?”

“ You don’t need to lose weight?”

“You don’t want to be one of those muscly girls, do you?”

Examples of questions I faced when I told family and friends I wanted to get fit and start going to the gym. There still seems to be a stigma attached to women with regards to the gym, particularly with weight lifting, but you get none of that with Jodie.

At my initial consultation (free tea, happy days!), we instantly hit it off and I didn’t even need to explain what I needed and why, Jodie read between the lines and we started off on our journey together. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dread my first session, flashbacks of asthma attacks after overdoing cardio and knowing I wasn’t fuelling myself well due to ‘anxiety tummy’ weren’t the most reassuring things! I didn’t need to worry though, for starters we were focussing on weights… me… someone who struggled to do a single press up.

By the end of my time with Jodie, I could do more than just a press up, I could deadlift, I could do lat raises and I could do so much more, but development of my physical strength was not my greatest achievement…

I could leave my house on my own, I could cook a meal without crumbling and I got back a little bit more of myself. Jodie never once judged me, she never questioned but she always listened (except when I was being a wimp and wanted to give up!). She believed in me enough for the both of us until I believed in myself and now I am physically stronger, have much more confidence and have a new peanut butter loving friend!

NOTE: Becky and Jodie STILL swap Peanut Butter treats frequently!

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