Ben’s Story

My goal was to improve my mental health and confidence in my body and get back into the rugby and boxing that I had previously loved.

I met Jodie for a coffee and a chat, Jodie was really friendly and non-judgemental and gave me a boost of confidence that this was possible!

After keeping a food diary and realising I really did only survive on pizza, sausage roles and energy drink I could see that my low mood and energy levels were down to lack of wholesome healthy food in my diet.

Jodie tailored a nutrition plan based on foods I actually like, after the first week I found I felt like I was eating more than before and I felt so much better about myself, I am no longer relying on energy drinks to get through the day.

I would definitely recommend investing in your nutritional health. Thanks to support from Jodie at Impact Fitness I feel a lot happier about myself and have used the tools she has given me to really changed my life around.

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