Dan’s Story

Having been a gym member for a few years with the primary goal of putting on muscle I realised that I had come to a point where the weight I had gained was not all lean!

Having spoken to Jodie she mentioned her Kick Start program which sounded like it would fit my short term goal of looking better for an upcoming holiday.

After following a nutrition plan written by Jodie along with the training sessions that had been set for me I went on holiday feeling like I had really achieved something! Jodie took all the aspects of becoming fitter and healthier that I found confusing or difficult (mainly diet for me) and not only made them easy to follow but also educated me in the process.

Jodie’s kick start program was perfect for me and I can now go forward with the tools that I have been given to live a healthier life and enjoy the results that hard work brings! I would recommend Jodie to anyone looking to achieve a goal and I will certainly be using her again in the future to reach new targets!

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