Liv’s Story

Before I started with Jodie, I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to a gym on my own. 

I tried before but I always worried that everyone stares or I do things wrong. 

Meeting up with Jodie and her training me helped me gain my confidence in the gym, she taught me that I CAN do things, and made me realise that I am a fairly strong individual after a horrible time just recently. 

Jodie was persevering with me, and not only did she show me how to do techniques, she also made me realise that everyone is unique. 

She encouraged me to focus on myself. I can’t thank her enough for supporting me, and for always being there! ??.

I have seen some major results in my body including weight loss and becoming leaner/stronger, which in turn made me feel a lot more confident and happy!

I would recommend Jodie to anyone! She is super nice and always has her clients best interests at heart! 

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