I started training with Impact Fitness 2 years ago after years of trying (and failing) to lose weight. I would set myself massive exercise goals and then when I couldn’t achieve them instantly I’d be disheartened and give up. I’d also set a strict diet plan and then get bored after a couple of days so wouldn’t continue. Training with Jodie has given me the structure and accountability to be consistent with my training. Lifting weights makes me feel strong both physically and mentally and Jodie makes each session varied and fun! My nutrition plan is full of variety and allows me to be flexible when I need to be which again helps with consistency.

With Jodie’s guidance and support I went from being barely able to run 5k, to this year running the London Marathon. Without Jodie I’d had given up after the first week after probably trying to run 20 miles in one go! Impact Fitness has helped to change my life – I am much more healthier and happier than ever!

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