Shell’s Story

After just four short weeks on the Kick Start program I am 3  kilo’s lighter and feel like a new women!

My outlook on life has changed for the better, I generally feel more positive and confident in myself. I have more energy than I know what to do with and I really enjoy the food I eat every day!

I started my journey several months ago visiting Pure Gym when it first opened with the intention of losing weight and toning up areas of my body I’ve never been particularly happy with.

A very important event in my personal life meant I needed to lose weight and change the way I was eating and exercising.

I began attending regular classes 3-4 times a week. I found I met some interesting people and some fantastic Personal Trainers…

But there was always one Personal trainer that stood out from the rest her name is Jodie Newell!

Jodie is always smiling, happy and full of energy. She really knows how to get the group motivated and trying their best during any class she runs, she generally has the most mentally positive attitude I’ve ever seen in my life!

Not only does she have a positive impact on people attending classes but also on the other Personal trainers at Pure Gym. She has the most infectious Ora about her that really appeals to me!

After a fabulous chat and a free coffee courtesy of Jodie I quickly realised how passionate she is about her job and I just knew she was going to give me the tools to change my life for the better. She really understood how important it was to me to achieve my goal.

Through the Kick Start Program Jodie provided me with a great nutrition plan to follow that allowed me to eat sensibly at long last. She also supported me in the gym and set up a work out plan catered specifically to my needs to allow me to shed the weight I desperately needed to.

I can not thank Jodie enough for all the support and encouragement she has and continues to provide me with.

I can honestly say she has made a massively positive impact on my life and definitely changed it for the better.

I highly recommend talking to Jodie and listening to her advice even if you just want a bit of reassurance your on the right path to success whatever your goals are I promise you will walk away feeling ten times better than you did before you spoke to her.

She has years of experience and is multi-talented so whatever you need advice or support on I’m sure she will have some useful words of wisdom for you……

So don’t delay Talk to Jodie today!! And remember her motto – LAST SET BEST SET!!!

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