Success Stories

Success Stories

Tony’s Story

After meeting Jodie at the Health & Me retreat weekend I decided to take Jodie up on her free coffee and consultation to discuss a nutrition plan and massage package.
I had been attending bootcamp sessions but needed an extra dimension to achieve my overall weight and fitness goal.
The plan was in two parts , a complete nutrition plan and an eight week sports massage course for my legs as they were my main weakness. 
After completing the sports massage my running has improved dramatically,  I feel better and more confident as a person and this is due to the nutritional program Jodie has put together for me.
I am now confident I am on my way to achieving my fitness goals and enjoying a better lifestyle. 
I  can’t stress enough the encouragement that Jodie exudes in everything she does and this passes to all her clients.  Thanks Jodie I owe you one!

Tom’s Story

I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t particularly satisfied with the ways things where and I wanted to make a change, but didn’t have much motivation to do it.

I got in touch with Jodie and she told me about the various courses she offered.

I thought all I wanted was a personal trainer for the gym, but the wellness package caught my interest. I’m very glad that I decided on that package.

I learnt about the importance of sleep, good nutrition, stress management and getting my self esteem back. 

Jodie also gave me good advice on dealing with my obsessive and intrusive thoughts, which where hampering me for years.

With all these tools at hand, I’ve been able to make some very positive changes in the last six months. I’m a lot stronger, I eat way more healthily, I can deal with the stresses of the day and my obsessive thoughts don’t rule my life anymore. And I am finally starting a business, which has been something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m looking forward to all the goals I will achieve in the future! 

Suzi’s Story

With a family holiday fast approaching I was really unhappy with what I was looking at in the mirror. 

I had seen Jodie was a personal trainer so I decided to find out more. One of the packages that was or real interest to me was the beach body package.

 This is an intensive 3 times a week for 6 weeks plan. I had a tailored food plan and the support I received from Jodie was amazing.

 At the end of the 6 weeks I was totally amazed with my results…

So amazed in fact that once my holiday was over I booked another 10 sessions with Jodie for the next phase in my workout programme!

This is only the start for me in my fitness journey. 

Jodie and impact fitness has given me the tools I need to be a healthier fitter, stronger and leaner me. Thank you Jodie and Impact fitness. This is just the start! ?

Evie’s Story

I met Jodie for a coffee and a chat, she was so friendly and I instantly felt at ease and gave me the confidence that I could actual start to work towards the goals I had.

After the chat, I decided to sign up for the beach body package!

Jodie tailored a food plan, which was great as I was able to list the food I liked and didn’t like and Jodie worked with this. This also included a few snacks which were easy and all food was very tasty.

After 6 weeks i shocked to see how much progress I had made!

I could not recommend Jodie enough; she is a brilliant coach and also there to give you the extra push when you need one. She has given me all the support I needed to reach my goal!

Will’s Story

I met Jodie, in passing, whilst competing in the Herefordshire XC Running League!

I knew Jodie knew her stuff though as she was invited to our running club to talk us through pre event nutrition and race day preparation…. 

What I didn’t realise was that was just one of the strings in her bow!

A friend who was joining the British Army had signed up for 10 sessions of PT instruction from Jodie and was reaping the benefits, before starting basic training.

Her running had improved massively so I finally decided to take Jodie up on her coffee and consultation!

In the gym we concentrated on re activating my ‘runners lazy muscles’, encouraging them ALL to fire, not just the big muscle groups and also on my core and upper body strength – love those Russian Twists and Kettle Bells!

In the Kitchen Jodie had me cooking some really tasty dishes and the great thing was that the plan was one that encompassed my whole family, not just me, so it was easy to stick to.

Jodie is easy to talk to, explains everything she asks you to do and helps overcome any concerns and most importantly, supports you through the whole process and makes it FUN!

With my lazy running muscles now firing and my nutrition nailed I am achieving awesome things in my ultra run races! With the tools given to me by Impact Fitness I have made my body, performance and mind fitter, faster and stronger!

The journey has begun and I’m in it for the long haul…. Thanks Jodie!

Chris’ Story

Training with Jodie has changed my life!

Before training with Jodie I had very low self esteem and was on and off depressed with my weight and life in general, She made me feel like I had someone to talk to the whole time at the gym and away from the gym.. 

After providing me with a training plan and nutrition plan I decided to stick with it and actually started seeing some major results in my body including weight loss and becoming leaner/stronger, which in turn made me feel a lot more confident and happy!

 I would recommend Jodie to anyone! She is super nice and always has her clients best interests at heart! 

Cat’s Story

Working with Jodie has been amazing!

Her obvious enthusiasm and passion for what she does provides huge motivation. 

Since working with Jodie, and on my own with the programme she designed, I can feel as well as see the changes in my physical health and mental wellbeing at being able to achieve my personal goals. 

This has meant that I have been able to progress further in my hobby and for future competitions in this. 

Ben’s Story

My goal was to improve my mental health and confidence in my body and get back into the rugby and boxing that I had previously loved.

I met Jodie for a coffee and a chat, Jodie was really friendly and non-judgemental and gave me a boost of confidence that this was possible!

After keeping a food diary and realising I really did only survive on pizza, sausage roles and energy drink I could see that my low mood and energy levels were down to lack of wholesome healthy food in my diet.

Jodie tailored a nutrition plan based on foods I actually like, after the first week I found I felt like I was eating more than before and I felt so much better about myself, I am no longer relying on energy drinks to get through the day.

I would definitely recommend investing in your nutritional health. Thanks to support from Jodie at Impact Fitness I feel a lot happier about myself and have used the tools she has given me to really changed my life around.

Liv’s Story

Before I started with Jodie, I wouldn’t have dreamed of going to a gym on my own. 

I tried before but I always worried that everyone stares or I do things wrong. 

Meeting up with Jodie and her training me helped me gain my confidence in the gym, she taught me that I CAN do things, and made me realise that I am a fairly strong individual after a horrible time just recently. 

Jodie was persevering with me, and not only did she show me how to do techniques, she also made me realise that everyone is unique. 

She encouraged me to focus on myself. I can’t thank her enough for supporting me, and for always being there! ??.

I have seen some major results in my body including weight loss and becoming leaner/stronger, which in turn made me feel a lot more confident and happy!

I would recommend Jodie to anyone! She is super nice and always has her clients best interests at heart! 

Philippa’s Story

Before I met Jodie I had very low confidence and I hated what I saw in the mirror.

I tried every diet under the sun on and off for 10 years, from SlimmingWorld to just not eating at all. I felt guilty over food and found exercise terrifying, I felt like I wouldn’t belong at a gym.

I met Jodie at a spin class we both attended encouraging when all I wanted to do was get of the bike and collapse on the floor.

I knew then I had found the person to support me in my journey!

I was so nervous walking into the gym but Jodie helped me feel so comfortable and helped me see I totally fitted in.

The food plan is fab, full of great food and its tailored to what I like and what is easy to do with working and my family.

She is so easy to talk to and understands where I am coming from and not judgemental in any way. She gives me a kick up the bum when I need it and boosts my confidence when I am feeling low.

My overall fitness has really improved, I can feel mussel definition and my ability to work harder for long is so much better, but also she has helped my mental health so much with her positive attitude and understanding.

Jodie now helps the whole family offering sports massage to my partner Chris and even my 3 year old who enjoys joining in with training and sports massage (he finds her hilarious) !

I couldn’t recommend Jodie enough IMPACTFITNESS has helped me and support me to change my life! 

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