Success Stories

Success Stories

Sarah’s Story

I started training with Impact Fitness 2 years ago after years of trying (and failing) to lose weight. I would set myself massive exercise goals and then when I couldn’t achieve them instantly I’d be disheartened and give up. I’d also set a strict diet plan and then get bored after a couple of days so wouldn’t continue. Training with Jodie has given me the structure and accountability to be consistent with my training. Lifting weights makes me feel strong both physically and mentally and Jodie makes each session varied and fun! My nutrition plan is full of variety and allows me to be flexible when I need to be which again helps with consistency.
With Jodie’s guidance and support I went from being barely able to run 5k, to this year running the London Marathon. Without Jodie I’d had given up after the first week after probably trying to run 20 miles in one go! Impact Fitness has helped to change my life – I am much more healthier and happier than ever!

Dan’s Story

Having been a gym member for a few years with the primary goal of putting on muscle I realised that I had come to a point where the weight I had gained was not all lean!

Having spoken to Jodie she mentioned her Kick Start program which sounded like it would fit my short term goal of looking better for an upcoming holiday.

After following a nutrition plan written by Jodie along with the training sessions that had been set for me I went on holiday feeling like I had really achieved something! Jodie took all the aspects of becoming fitter and healthier that I found confusing or difficult (mainly diet for me) and not only made them easy to follow but also educated me in the process.

Jodie’s kick start program was perfect for me and I can now go forward with the tools that I have been given to live a healthier life and enjoy the results that hard work brings! I would recommend Jodie to anyone looking to achieve a goal and I will certainly be using her again in the future to reach new targets!

Annie and Simon’s Story

Both Simon and I have had health issues in our 50’s , Simon has type 2 diabetes and arteriosclerosis and I have raised blood pressure.

We had been battling to get fitter and had tried many different forms of exercise and diet with not much effect. We both wanted to lose weight and become stronger.

We first met Jodie in October 2016 when attending one of her kettle bell classes which we enjoyed so we decided to have 10 joint coaching sessions with her. These went well so we continued to work with her for the next 20 months.

I personally did not have the confidence to work with weights or go to a gym as I found it intimidating, so working with Jodie on personal sessions really helped my confidence.

Because Jodie took things at my pace and introduced different exercises slowly I became more confident in my ability. 

 I became stronger and felt confident lifting weights, my mobility improved, and I found I could do everyday things a lot easier.

My weight decreased and my blood pressure stabilised, my doctor was pleased to see I was improving, also my cholesterol started to go down which was an added bonus.

I found Jodie very supportive especially when I felt I couldn’t do the exercise or I didn’t want to challenge myself, and because of that support and guidance I have achieved much more than I ever thought possible.

Simon on the other hand had trained when he was younger and was familiar with weight training, he however wanted to challenge himself all the time which in the past led to frustrating injuries and not being able to train. With Jodie’s support he became more aware of how to pace his improvement so that he wasn’t held back with injuries. He wanted to become stronger and lose weight which would then help stabilise his blood sugars and so control his type2 diabetes more efficiently. The benefit of his training meant his weight decreased and he felt stronger whilst increasing his muscle mass.

We both benefited mentally as well because we discovered how exercise can improve your outlook and give you a positive lift. We enjoy walking and are now able to complete challenging walks such as Pen y Fan and the Skirrid mountains that previously would have been above our fitness level.

We would like to thank Jodie for all her support and knowledge and for being a very important part of our fitness journey.  

Becky’s Story

“But why do you need to go to the gym?”

“ You don’t need to lose weight?”

“You don’t want to be one of those muscly girls, do you?”

Examples of questions I faced when I told family and friends I wanted to get fit and start going to the gym. There still seems to be a stigma attached to women with regards to the gym, particularly with weight lifting, but you get none of that with Jodie.

At my initial consultation (free tea, happy days!), we instantly hit it off and I didn’t even need to explain what I needed and why, Jodie read between the lines and we started off on our journey together. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dread my first session, flashbacks of asthma attacks after overdoing cardio and knowing I wasn’t fuelling myself well due to ‘anxiety tummy’ weren’t the most reassuring things! I didn’t need to worry though, for starters we were focussing on weights… me… someone who struggled to do a single press up.

By the end of my time with Jodie, I could do more than just a press up, I could deadlift, I could do lat raises and I could do so much more, but development of my physical strength was not my greatest achievement…

I could leave my house on my own, I could cook a meal without crumbling and I got back a little bit more of myself. Jodie never once judged me, she never questioned but she always listened (except when I was being a wimp and wanted to give up!). She believed in me enough for the both of us until I believed in myself and now I am physically stronger, have much more confidence and have a new peanut butter loving friend!

NOTE: Becky and Jodie STILL swap Peanut Butter treats frequently!

Shell’s Story

After just four short weeks on the Kick Start program I am 3  kilo’s lighter and feel like a new women!

My outlook on life has changed for the better, I generally feel more positive and confident in myself. I have more energy than I know what to do with and I really enjoy the food I eat every day!

I started my journey several months ago visiting Pure Gym when it first opened with the intention of losing weight and toning up areas of my body I’ve never been particularly happy with.

A very important event in my personal life meant I needed to lose weight and change the way I was eating and exercising.

I began attending regular classes 3-4 times a week. I found I met some interesting people and some fantastic Personal Trainers…

But there was always one Personal trainer that stood out from the rest her name is Jodie Newell!

Jodie is always smiling, happy and full of energy. She really knows how to get the group motivated and trying their best during any class she runs, she generally has the most mentally positive attitude I’ve ever seen in my life!

Not only does she have a positive impact on people attending classes but also on the other Personal trainers at Pure Gym. She has the most infectious Ora about her that really appeals to me!

After a fabulous chat and a free coffee courtesy of Jodie I quickly realised how passionate she is about her job and I just knew she was going to give me the tools to change my life for the better. She really understood how important it was to me to achieve my goal.

Through the Kick Start Program Jodie provided me with a great nutrition plan to follow that allowed me to eat sensibly at long last. She also supported me in the gym and set up a work out plan catered specifically to my needs to allow me to shed the weight I desperately needed to.

I can not thank Jodie enough for all the support and encouragement she has and continues to provide me with.

I can honestly say she has made a massively positive impact on my life and definitely changed it for the better.

I highly recommend talking to Jodie and listening to her advice even if you just want a bit of reassurance your on the right path to success whatever your goals are I promise you will walk away feeling ten times better than you did before you spoke to her.

She has years of experience and is multi-talented so whatever you need advice or support on I’m sure she will have some useful words of wisdom for you……

So don’t delay Talk to Jodie today!! And remember her motto – LAST SET BEST SET!!!

Jess’ Story

As a newbie to weight training and a novice in all things fitness I just have to show my appreciation for this wonderful lady.

Myself and my partner joined the gym about 2 months ago and, this was to be the best decision we could have made. We were created on first name terms which is a nice touch and made us feel like part of her gym family from the start!

Jodie is so friendly and gives great advice. I have definitely made a new friend, as well as gaining

strength and confidence to go to gym alone.

Jodie is supportive towards myself and my partner and I am extremely proud to be a part of her awesome fitness training clientele.

Vee’s Story

When my husband said he was taking us to Tenerife on holiday I was worried. My muffin top was huge and I didn’t want to embarrass my kids by wearing a bikini and letting it all hang out!

Then I met Jodie.

She inspired me to eat less and move more and really take control of my weight.

I took on the 6 week kick start challenge and the results were incredible!

I lost 5kg in the 6 weeks and felt really comfortable in a size 14 bikini !

I’ve now signed up to phase 2 and my goal is to be in a size 12 at Christmas.

If you are feeling a little bit frumpy and don’t mind a bit of hard work why not have a chat to Jodie?

I promise you won’t regret it. 

John’s Story

Massive thank you to Jodie for helping to improve my deadlift .

It makes such a huge difference to have a professional trainer working with you to perfect the movements safely and correctly.

Jodie is knowledgeable, professional and manages to put you through your paces whilst keeping the sessions good fun!

I highly recommend Impact fitness and believe there are huge benefits from working with Jodie to keep motivation and obtain personal goals.

John Richards Sports Therapy

Lois’ Story

Jodie has shown me that age need not be a barrier to changing my lifestyle and becoming fitter and stronger. 

Whatever you want to achieve Jodie will be with you every step of the way to enable you to succeed. Its never too late !

Marion’s Story

I can honestly say that working with Jodie has changed my life for the better!

I was sceptical at the start of our journey together that she wouldn’t  be able to bring about any change for me, but she has and more, I am fitter and stronger both physically and emotionally.

I can’t thank Jodie enough for being so positive and believing in me.

I happily recommend her to you!

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