I started training with Impact Fitness 2 years ago after years of trying (and failing) to lose weight. I would set myself massive exercise goals and then when I couldn’t achieve them instantly I’d be disheartened and give up. I’d also set a strict diet plan and then get bored after a couple of days so wouldn’t continue. Training with Jodie has given me the structure and accountability to be consistent with my training. Lifting weights makes me feel strong both physically and mentally and Jodie makes each session varied and fun! My nutrition plan is full of variety and allows me to be flexible when I need to be which again helps with consistency.

With Jodie’s guidance and support I went from being barely able to run 5k, to this year running the London Marathon. Without Jodie I’d had given up after the first week after probably trying to run 20 miles in one go! Impact Fitness has helped to change my life – I am much more healthier and happier than ever!


After spine surgery and a snapped Achilles tendon I no longer felt safe in my body until I met Jodie, Her clear guidance has helped me to really relax and trust it once again. I love our sessions, I feel grounded and so much stronger, I’d recommend Jodie to anyone who is truly ready to Impact their life in a positive powerful way


I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t particularly satisfied with the ways things where and I wanted to make a change, but didn’t have much motivation to do it.

I got in touch with Jodie and she told me about the various courses she offered.

I thought all I wanted was a personal trainer for the gym, but the wellness package caught my interest. I’m very glad that I decided on that package.

I learnt about the importance of sleep, good nutrition, stress management and getting my self esteem back.

Jodie also gave me good advice on dealing with my obsessive and intrusive thoughts, which where hampering me for years.

With all these tools at hand, I’ve been able to make some very positive changes in the last six months. I’m a lot stronger, I eat way more healthily, I can deal with the stresses of the day and my obsessive thoughts don’t rule my life anymore. And I am finally starting a business, which has been something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m looking forward to all the goals I will achieve in the future!


After struggling with a back condition and fatigue I met up with Jodie to become strong once again both in mind and body!

Jodie has helped me find my confidence both physically and mentally, now I am achieving more in life than I ever thought I could!


I came to strength training rather reluctantly, but I was sick of reading about how important strength training is for runners, and I had signed up for an ultra marathon. I was surprised at how quickly I saw results. Jodie organised a nutrition plan, recipes and programme for me to help me with my running goals. The biggest change though, was how I felt about myself. I not only watched my body transform, but my mind too. I have never been in a more secure place both mentally and physically. Although walking into the gym for the first time was stressful, I don’t regret it and now I feel part of a team. Jodie takes you through it all. She will encourage you to do more than you think you can, but she knows what you can do.


After going to a spinathon and meeting Jodie I knew she was the one to help me. I needed help on many levels fitness, food, nutrition, self esteem and confidence.

I asked her if she did 1-1 personal training and she confirmed she did indeed do this so we arranged to meet up for coffee and a chat.

I think jodie picked up that I was out of my comfort zone and quickly and easily put me at ease and we talked through what I needed wanted and expected to get out of this.

We talked through everything and thankfully she decided to take me on as a client.

I have been happily working with Jodie for a while now and the change is very noticeable not only my fitness, eating habits and my physical change she has also worked on my self esteem and confidence.

Working with Jodie was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

I could never repay her for the time and effort she has put in to make me a better version of myself!!!

Thank you Jodie!


Jodie has shown me that age need not be a barrier to changing my lifestyle and becoming fitter and stronger.

Whatever you want to achieve Jodie will be with you every step of the way to enable you to succeed. Its never too late!


I have been training with Jodie for over a year now not only has this incredible lady got me leaner fitter lifting heavier eating healthier , But has also helped with my anxiety and mental health thro breathing exercises and just being there, Incredible listener and love the fact that she gives honest upfront answers if I have any questions …which I think is a very rare trait in the fitness industry…


I started training with Impact & Thrive during lockdown in 2020. Right away, I found Jodie to be a very intuitive and adaptable trainer. I always feel challenged but never overwhelmed, she listens to my goals and desires and tailors my plans in line with them. Jodie also created nutrition plans for me that included foods I actually enjoy and recipes that are easy to prepare.

 One of the most valuable things I have learned is how to break down self imposed limitations and achieve goals I previously thought were impossible for me.


Since I have started training with Jodie I have noticed a such a big change in my body shape. I feel so much more confident with how I now look and will now wear clothes that I would have never of thought to wear before! I enjoy my PT sessions every week and feel so good after them (even if I feel like Jodie has killed me!) Jodie is so supporting and always pushes me to my limits to achieve my goals. She always provides gym plans for me to do in the gym once a week which again pushes me to my limits to achieve my goals! Jodie has changed my concept of going to the gym and now I love going at least once a week, I can’t stop myself! PT has definitely been the best thing I have ever done and I would 100% recommend Jodie to others!  She isn’t just a PT, but a shoulder to cry on and a friend for life! Xx

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