Will’s Story

I met Jodie, in passing, whilst competing in the Herefordshire XC Running League!

I knew Jodie knew her stuff though as she was invited to our running club to talk us through pre event nutrition and race day preparation…. 

What I didn’t realise was that was just one of the strings in her bow!

A friend who was joining the British Army had signed up for 10 sessions of PT instruction from Jodie and was reaping the benefits, before starting basic training.

Her running had improved massively so I finally decided to take Jodie up on her coffee and consultation!

In the gym we concentrated on re activating my ‘runners lazy muscles’, encouraging them ALL to fire, not just the big muscle groups and also on my core and upper body strength – love those Russian Twists and Kettle Bells!

In the Kitchen Jodie had me cooking some really tasty dishes and the great thing was that the plan was one that encompassed my whole family, not just me, so it was easy to stick to.

Jodie is easy to talk to, explains everything she asks you to do and helps overcome any concerns and most importantly, supports you through the whole process and makes it FUN!

With my lazy running muscles now firing and my nutrition nailed I am achieving awesome things in my ultra run races! With the tools given to me by Impact Fitness I have made my body, performance and mind fitter, faster and stronger!

The journey has begun and I’m in it for the long haul…. Thanks Jodie!

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